Back and abdominal muscles

Do you know? For every pound of muscle gained, the body burns 50 extra calories every day. This is the reason why muscular people have somewhat same weight as obese people and muscular people are in good shape than obese people. 

So decide whether you want to be an obese or muscular. In order to have a good shape or muscle quantity, you need to get a proper diet plan along with ZIN Aditi Ratti's  Quick Fit workouts. You can contact her on her Facebook page for personal training as well as diet plans. She always takes care of her client's cravings and so provides a diet plan that includes her client's favourite eatables. 

Today, we will end the week with back and abdominal circuit workout session. This workout consumes less than an hour of your time, that's what this blog is all about. An hour a day for your body/health is a must and just an hour of exercising keeps you active the whole day without any fatigue. This workout consists of one circuit and one whole exercise, the circuit has three rounds with three exercises in each round. Do not I repeat do not perform any of the workouts without any proper guidance. Tutorials with screenshots from and are also mentioned below for your reference. Maintain proper body posture to hit the muscle accurately and to avoid indulging into any kind of injury.

This workout can be performed by both Males and Females.


  • Cardio - 5 minutes
  • Pull ups:
  1. Set 1 - 15 repetitions
  2. Set 2 - 15 repetitions
  3. Set 3 - 15 repetitions
  4. Set 4 - 15 repetitions


  1. Round 1 (Add weights according to your capability):
    Seated row - 20 repetitions
    Single arm row - 20 repetitions
    Lat pull down - 20 repetitions
    Plank - 30 seconds
  2. Round 2 (Increase weights according to your capability):
    Seated row - 15 repetitions
    Single arm row - 15 repetitions
    Lat pull down - 15 repetitions
    Plank - 30 seconds
  3. Round 3 (Increase weights according to your capability):Seated row - 12 repetitions
    Single arm row - 12 repetitions
    Lat pull down - 12 repetitions
    Plank - 30 seconds

  1. Set 1 (Add weights according to your capability) - 25 repetitions
  2. Set 2 (Increase weights according to your capability) - 18 repetitions
  3. Set 3 (Increase weights according to your capability) - 12 repetitions
  4. Set 4 (Increase weights according to your capability) - 8 repetitions
  5. Set 5 (Increase weights according to your capability) - 5 repetitions

  1. Cobra stretch



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