Back Muscle and Abdominal muscles

Welcome to the blog where you can get your personal trainer, who is willing to tell you the workouts that can be performed in the gym. After all fitness is the only way of having a perfect synchronisation between your mind and body.

So here comes a circuit workout from ZIN Aditi Ratti, who is a Reebok certified fitness trainer, certified Zumba instructor as well as certified Yoga instructor, you can find her on and, she is well known in Faridabad for her intense passion towards her work. She simply loves to motivate and make people fit.

Her first circuit workout is for Back muscle and Abdominal muscles. This workout can be performed by both Males and Females. Please find below exercise tutorials for understanding the better posture while performing the workout.


  • Warm up:
  1. Running - 2 minutes
  2. Skipping - 200
  3. Pull ups - 4 sets, 20 repetitions per set
  • Circuit 1:
  1. Lat pull down(25) + Seated row(25) + One Arm Dumbbell Row(25) + Straight arm pulley push down(25)
  2. Lat pull down(18) + Seated row(18) + One Arm Dumbbell Row(18) + Straight arm pulley push down (18)
  3. Lat pull down(12) + Seated row(12) + One Arm Dumbbell Row(12) + Straight arm pulley push down (12)

  • Barbell Deadlift:
  1. Set 1 - 25 repetitions
  2. Set 2 - 18 repetitions
  3. Set 3 - 10 repetitions
  4. Set 4 - 5 repetitions
  5. Set 5 - 3 repetitions


  • Circuit 2 (4 rounds):
  1. Flat bench leg raises(25)+ Flat bench alternate leg raises(50)
  • Note: Maintain legs completely straight and the movement of the legs should be between 30-75 degrees.


  1.  Lat Pull Down
  2. Seated row
  3. One Arm Dumbbell Row
  4. Straight arm pulley push down
  5. Barbell Deadlift
  6. Flat Bench Leg Raises


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