Bicep and sides muscle

Hola fitness freaks. Hope you enjoyed Back and abdominal muscle workout, posted yesterday. I would request you to give your feedback on the workout, as feedback will help Aditi Ratti in improving the workouts.

So, here we go again. Today, your personal trainer ZIN Aditi Ratti will be telling you a fitness circuit for Biceps muscles and Sides muscles. I personally know people eagerly wait to hit bicep muscle in the gym but core is an important part to work on as well. So Aditi Ratti has come up with a workout that does not take much of your time. This workout takes less than an hour to get completed. 

Body posture is the most important thing to keep in mind while performing any exercise, so no need to worry, you can either find video tutorials on google or a tutorials column has been added below from where you can watch a video tutorial of the exercise before performing it. Remember, the body posture should be perfect in order to hit the muscle accurately. The tutorials will help you in keeping a good body posture.

This workout can be performed by both Males and Females in the gym. 

  • Running - 2 minutes 
  • Skipping - 400 counts


  • Circuit 1 (3 rounds):
  1. Dumbbell bicep curl(25) + Cable hammer curls(25) + Concentration curls(18)
  2. Dumbbell bicep curls(18) + Cable hammer curls(18) + Concentration curls(12)
  3. Dumbbell bicep curls(12) + Cable hammer curls(12) + Concentration curls(8)
  • Barbell curls (5 sets):
  1. Set 1 - 20 repetitions
  2. Set 2 -15 repetitions
  3. Set 3 -10 repetitions
  4. Set 4 - 8 repetitions
  5. Set 5 (drop set): 5 repetitions after each drop                        
  • Circuit 2 (1 round):
  1. Side bends - 100 repetitions
  2. Russian twists - 100 repetitions 
  3. Backward side bends - 100 repetitions 
  4. Seated barbell twists - 100 repetitions 
  5. Side plank/bridge - 30 seconds 
  6. Side plank/bridge up and down pulses - 15 each side



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