Back Workout

'The only way to isolate specific back muscles - whether it is upper or lower back - or make any progress is through the power of the mind-muscle connection'
-Lee Haney

With this note we start the week by working on the back muscles. A dedicated mind in coordination with a good posture is the best combination to get desired results. Therefore, in order to get the best results maintain the posture as given below for your workouts. Video tutorials of the exercises from and are mentioned below, kindly refer them before performing any workout. 

This workout can be performed by both Males and Females. Approximately an hour is required to complete this workout.

S. No. Exercise Repetitions/Time
1 Running 1kms
2 Chin ups 4 sets with maximum repetitions
3 Back extensions 20 repetitions
20 repetitions
20 repetitions
S. No. Exercise Repetitions/Time
1 Deadlift 20 repetitions
2 Deadlift 15 repetitions
3 Deadlift 10 repetitions
4 Deadlift 8 repetitions
5 Deadlift 5 repetitions
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
S. No. Exercise Repetitions S. No. Exercise Repetitions S. No. Exercise Repetitions
1 Bent over row 20 1 Bent over row 15 1 Bent over row 12
2 Lat pull down 20 2 Lat pull down 15 2 Lat pull down 12
3 Double arm row 20 3 Double arm row 15 3 Double arm row 12
4 T bar row 20 4 T bar row 15 4 T bar row 12



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