Fat burning circuit

Hello hello everyone, hope you all enjoyed the last Triceps and Sides muscles workout by ZIN Aditi Ratti. Post your feedback in comments section below. This will help u in improving the workouts.

Today, Aditi Ratti has brought a new Fat burning circuit in which you have to do maximum rounds, minimum 4 rounds to be completed and these 4 rounds should be completed in 45 minutes to 1 hour. This workout needs a lot of energy, so keep yourself hydrated throughout and have black coffee as pre workout. These fat burning circuits are more fun than regular workouts, if done with a partner try to compete each other, but make sure no one get injured while performing any exercise. For your reference video tutorials from Bodybuilding.com and Youtube.com are added below, watch these tutorials before performing any of the exercises, this workout can be performed by both Males and Females.


  • Cardio - 10 minutes


Add weights according to your capability

  1. Seal jacks - 50 repetitions
  2. Squat pulses - 25 repetitions
  3. Burpees - 15 repetitions
  4. Russian twist - 50 repetitions
  5. Duck walks - 60 steps
  6. Kettlebell swings - 30 repetitions
  7. Thruster - 20 repetitions
  8. Plank shoulder taps - 20 repetitions


  • Hamstring stretch
  • Lower back stretch


  1. Pre workout tip: Wear the clothes that make you look smart and active.
  2. Post workout: Never end the workout without stretching.



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