Circuit Training

Circuit training is one of the most efficient way of improving fitness and strength. Circuit training along with healthy clean diet is the way to excellent results. Works on overall body, circuits are comparatively more intense and are known for quick results. Therefore, maximum workouts given on Quickfitt are in circuit format.

Video tutorials of the exercises from and are mentioned below, kindly refer them before performing any workout. The posture of the body needs to be correct in order to hit the muscle you are training for accurately.

This workout can be performed by both Males and Females. Approximately an hour is required to complete this workout.

S. No. Exercise Repetitions/Time
1 Cross trainer 5 minutes
S. No. Exercise Repetitions/Time
1 Squat jumps 30 repetitions
2 Pushup 30 repetitions
3 Burpees 15 repetitions
4 Curtsy lunges 30 repetitions
5 Plank 1 minute


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