Fat burning Circuit (Full body)

'There are plenty of obstacles in your path, dont allow yourself to be one of it'

A fitness trainer gets to listen almost regularly from a client lets not do much today as its very hot and humid, while the other gets to listen its too cold the body is sore lets go light today. But do the clients really mean it? No. its just that I m too lazy. A group class trainer never cancels a class because of these reasons, then how can a client give such reasons to skip the workout? Until and unless you have some health issue, there is no reason to go low with your workout, that too when you are doing it just 5 days a week.

So, with that note, here we are in mid of the week with a fat burning circuit. But this time lets not make it complicated. We will go simple doing some tabata workout.
Let me introduce you to tabata before heading forward. Here we will work on every muscle for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. Repeating 8 rounds of each exercise we take a break of 1 minute and then head on with the next muscle/exercise.

Video tutorials of the exercises from Bodybuilding.com and Youtube.com are mentioned below, kindly refer them before performing any workout. The posture of the body needs to be correct in order to hit the muscle you are training for accurately.

This workout can be performed by both Males and Females. Approximately an hour is required to complete this workout.

S. No. Exercise Repetitions/Time
1 Crosstrainer 5 minutes
S. No. Exercise
1 Shoulder press
2 Calf raises
3 Dumbbell curls
4 Forward lunges
5 Double arm extensions
6 Sumo squats
7 Pushups
8 Hip thrusts
9 Deadlift
Keep the weight light in all the sets


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