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Welcome to Quickfitt, Your quickest fitness journey! Today we would like to tell you about the importance of fitness in your life. You give time to your work, you give time to your family, you give time to your friends but whenever someone asks you about fitness 70% of people say “kaise karein yaar, time hi nahi milta”(How to do? I don't get time). In order to be fit you don’t have to spend 4-5  hrs in gym working out, just give 45 minutes to 1 hour of your precious time to fitness on a daily basis and in just a week you’ll see a tremendous difference in your daily lifestyle. You’ll start feeling more active, more energetic and more fresh.

What is “Fit India Movement”?

A a nation-wide campaign has been launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to encourage people to inculcate physical activity and sports in their daily lifestyle, named ‘Fit India Movement’, on Thursday, August 29.

In a statement PM Narendra Modi has addressed about fitness in the success journey of your idol. He stated “The relationship of success and fitness is also interlinked. Take any field today, look at your icons, see their success stories, whether they are in sports, films, business, most of them are fit."

Which is indeed a fact, go on checkout success stories of your idols. Each and every big shot is into fitness and gives at least an hour of his/her time to fitness.

Physical and mental fitness both are equally important for you to concentrate and focus on a goal which you want to achieve in your life.

So, with “Fit India Movement” let’s take a pledge to get fit and become sensation to your dear ones and influence them to get into fitness and be a part of “Fit India Movement”

You can do any physical activity that you like, it’s just that start slow if you are a beginner or if you are starting after a long period of time. Some of the physicals activities are listed below:

1. Yoga
2. Running
3. Workouts in gym (Many daily workouts are listed here
4. Zumba
5. Aerobics
6. Get into some sports and many more

Aditi Ratti has also started with a Youtube channel in the name of Quickfitt by Aditi Ratti in which she has started a Quickfitip series by Quickfitt in which she tells you about how you can add very simple things in your diet and lifestyle which can boost your fitness journey. Moreover she also tells you some easy and effective diet recipes for weight loss which can be made with easily available ingredients around you. 

Here is a trailer of Quicktip series by Quickfitt:

You can check multiple Quicktips below:

Quicktip #7 - Eat sugar!
Quicktip #6 - Have Adequate Sleep
Quicktip #5 - Boost Your Metabolism
Quicktip #3 - Detox your body 


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