Best Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss: HAVE WATER!

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Ever heard of Weight Loss by Having Water?

Yes you heard it right, if you have water efficiently it can help you with your weight loss journey. There are multiple foods present on whole of the internet which helps in losing weight but we believe water is the most essential part of your daily life which is an add on to your diet. 

Today, we'll tell you how you can have water efficiently which will help you with your fat loss journey. Most people ask us how to lose weight fast or how to reduce belly fat but it's not that easy, you need to be really dedicated towards your diet/workout in order to lose weight. 

Below mentioned is a quicktip on how you can lose weight with THREE simple water drinks that you can make at home with very common resources that are easily available in the market. We also have video on how to make these drinks and what are the benefits of each and every ingredient used in these drinks.

Before starting here's a quick health benefit of water & how it helps in weight loss:

Best detoxifying agent: It helps maintain balance of the fluids in your body which helps in the functions like absorption, digestion, circulation etc.

So, let's start...

First of all make sure that you "HAVE A BIG GLASS OF WATER EVERY MORNING". This is the best weight loss tip which can be performed at home. Now we'll tell you how and in what ways you can take water in the morning with different things. There are THREE different ways in which you can have water every morning that'll help you with weight loss.


    Benefits of Fenugreek seeds:
    Fenugreek seeds are highly beneficial in weight loss.

    1. Fiber content in it suppresses your appetite.
    2. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in it are very good for skin health.
    3. In men, it prevents hernia & male pattern baldness.
    4. In women, it elevates menstrual cramps & improves breast milk production.

    How to make Fenugreek seeds/methi dana Water:

    1. Take 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in two glasses of water.
    2. Mix it well & soak it overnight.

    Drink these two glasses of water first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up.

    Benefits of Lemon:

    1. Biggest source of Vitamin C
    2. A good detoxifying agent
    3. Kicks your weight loss program by boosting your metabolism
    4. Cleanses your Liver
    5. Kicks out the toxins from your body

    How to make Lemon Water:
    You can also add Honey in your Lemon water as its rich in antioxidants and also improves cholesterol in the body.

    1. Take 1 glass of lukewarm water.
    2. Squeeze in half lemon.
    3. For taste add half a spoon of honey.
    4. Mix it well.


    Benefits of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar):

    1. Increases good cholesterol in the body which helps in maintaining a healthy heart & a healthy cardio vascular system.
    2. Detoxifies the liver & improves overall health.
    3. Helps in reducing belly fat it taken regularly.
    4. Helps satisfy your sugar cravings & your food cravings.

    How to make ACV Water:

    1. Take 1 glass of lukewarm water.
    2. Add 1 tablespoon of ACV(Apple Cider Vinegar).
    3. Add 1 spoon honey.
    4. Mix it well and sip it like tea.



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