SL*** - An Important Factor to Lose Weight!

Today, we'll tell you about a very important factor in any weight loss program. It's a thing many people do not focus on!

SLEEP! Yes, it is an important factor in anyone's weight loss journey. Even a fitness trainer of an Australian actress, comedian, writer and producer Miss Rebel Wilson who helped Miss Wilson to lose more than 40 pounds (approximately 18 kgs) recently said "Getting adequate sleep helped Miss Rebel Wilson with her weight loss program". 

These days people need results fast and very frequently ask "How to Lose Weight Fast?" There are articles all over the internet about this topic, against it as well as in favor of it. Actually there are tricks to lose weight fast and we also have a complete video on it where Miss Aditi Ratti tells you trick with which you can lose up to 2kgs in just 1 day. you can watch the video here. But in this scenario as fast as you lose weight, you gain it again at the same speed. So better go slow and steady and focus on a long term goal. 

Now, in this article you'll find how sleep affects weight loss and some Yoga asanas with breathing patterns which helps in getting adequate sleep. 

If you are not taking a proper 6 hours sleep then it will affect your body in a way that your body will be low on energy and will not be able to do workout or exercise efficiently. Also, not having adequate sleep can increase your food cravings and if you distract from your diet then it directly affects your weight loss program. Technically, if you're not taking 6 hours of sleep then your fat cells will be unable to use your insulin which can lead to diabetes. So, don't compromise with your weight loss regime and take at least an adequate 6 hours of sleep.

Now let's tell you about the Yoga asanas and breathing patterns which can be easily done at home and improves your sleep quality:





So these are three Yoga asanas and one breathing pattern which will help you get adequate sleep and will boost your weight loss program.


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